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Data and digital transformation programs can be complex and require professional design, planning, management and assurance to succeed. All businesses and government organisations need data and IT strategies that enable their digital business strategy.

Successful programs involve alignment of strategy, polices, processes, people, systems, data, and ICT infrastructure. Effective governance, risk management (including cyber security) and compliance controls underpin this. We can help with design, planning, management and assurance for your programs and partner with other providers.

DFORE and DBuggIT provide services across strategy design and policy, change and transformation, risk management, agile delivery and governance, cyber security, sourcing and procurement, capability development, and data science and system integration. Our expert and experienced services give confidence that your data and digital programs will achieve your strategic business outcomes.

Strategy design & policy

Strategy and policy needs to evolve to keep pace with the rapid pace of change and take advantage of disruptive technologies such as cloud and AI. Our team can assist with all stages of strategy and policy development for improved digital services and products.

Agile delivery & governance

Agile delivery and governance are essential for successful delivery of large complex programs that underpin successful digital transformation initiatives. Our team will help you to establish momentum and deliver value incrementally to achieve business outcomes by overcoming the common causes of project failure.

Sourcing and procurement

Government sourcing and procurement must comply with guidelines and legislation and demonstrate value for money. We can draw on our extensive government experience to help plan and manage the procurement process.

Change & transformation

All businesses are now digital businesses and must adapt to change to be relevant and sustainable in future. Our team have experience in successful design and implementing of large scale IT enabled and data driven organisational transformation to achieve business outcomes.

Cyber security

All organisations must embrace cyber security due to increased prevalence and sophistication of threats. Our team can provide advice and services to improve resilience through defence in depth. Examples include data security, assessments, incident response and data privacy.

Data science

Data science brings analytical rigour and statistical methods to measure quality, improve services and model behaviour. Our team has extensive experience in building organisational capability in statistical analysis, scenario modelling and data visualisation.

Risk management

Risk management is an ongoing process of identification, evaluation, and prioritisation of risks and controls aligned to the risk framework. Audit is a key function of governance to provide assurance of compliance with strategies.

Our team will help ensure that your business achieves critical outcomes through embedding contemporary risk management approaches that help drive productivity.

Systems integration

DFORE and DBuggIT are experienced in aligning strategies, people, processes, data and technology to integrate disparate systems and drive business value. Our team have experience in implementing enterprise capabilities for Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence including cloud migration.

Capability development

We can design, develop and deliver online learning for capability development to improve data and digital capabilities. This complements services for cybersecurity and risk management.

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