Service descriptions

DFORE and DBuggIT provide services across strategy, design and policy, change and transformation, risk management, agile delivery and governance, cyber security, procurement, data science and system integration. Our expert and experienced services provide excellent value to achieve your strategic business outcomes.

These service descriptions provide more information about our experience and examples of the services that we provide. This stems from decades of experience leading data and ICT programs to transform government delivery and achieve business outcomes.

Strategy design and policy

We develop and implement strategies for use of data and digital tools to achieve business outcomes and are experienced in identifying needs, prioritisation, procurement, deployment and maintaining a range of technologies. Our strength is aligning strategies, people, processes, data and technology to achieve business outcomes. This includes planning for and migrating to cloud and hybridContinue reading “Strategy design and policy”

Change and transformation

We can design and implement IT enabled and data driven organisational transformation programs. Our experience in leading change programs within government means that we understand and can translate business requirements into solutions and manage the changes involved. Our team can assist with all stages of strategy and policy development for improved digital services and products.

Projects and programs

We plan, manage and provide assurance for programs for use of data and digital tools to achieve business outcomes. This encompasses the full project lifecycle from business case development, design, build or procurement and implementation through to post implementation review and ongoing operations. This includes review, update and refinement of strategies, plans and policies usingContinue reading “Projects and programs”

System implementation & integration

We bring breadth and depth of ICT experience, technical knowledge and commercial expertise encompassing systems design, architecture, integration, upgrade and migration. We have implemented and maintained enterprise capabilities for Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Warehousing, Big Data and Business Intelligence. This includes financial management, accounting and resource management software.

Data & analytics

Our team is experienced in statistical analysis, scenario modelling and data visualisation to support government policy. This expertise will help ensure success of data science, analytical and statistical programs to gain insights and improve design and delivery of government programs and services. Recent experience includes strategies for artificial intelligence (AI), capabilities for machine learning (ML)Continue reading “Data & analytics”


We can help your organisation understand the risks and embrace cyber security. This is necessary due to increased prevalence and sophistication of threats especially with increased remote work and use of collaboration tools due to COVID-19. Cybersecurity policies, practices and standards help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. ICT cybersecurity utilises layers ofContinue reading “Cybersecurity”

Risk management

We have a strong emphasis on risk-based approaches and security by design through developing and applying risk, assurance and architectural principles. This was incorporated into preparation and management of COVID-19 response, to embed these changes and maintain benefits. Our approach can incorporate architecture reviews, investment portfolio development and enterprise road-map update. We can undertake reviewsContinue reading “Risk management”

Digital sourcing and ICT procurement

DFORE PTY LTD has expertise in digital sourcing and ICT procurement that will help you to achieve your business outcomes. As a small business we have adopted a range of cloud solutions for our business needs after market research and assessment of available options. This includes accounting, productivity, web hosting, online surveys and CRM platforms.Continue reading “Digital sourcing and ICT procurement”