Help with digital sourcing and ICT procurement

DFORE PTY LTD has expertise in digital sourcing and ICT procurement that will help you to achieve your business outcomes. As a small business we have adopted a range of cloud solutions for our business needs after market research and assessment of available options. This includes accounting, productivity, web hosting, online surveys and CRM platforms.Continue reading “Help with digital sourcing and ICT procurement”

Online learning and capability development

DFORE PTY LTD has an association with a highly experienced education professional to develop and deliver online learning and capability development. Through this association we have developed a range of foundation courses for improved cyber security awareness. This package was designed to provide an effective way for businesses to improve their data and digital capabilities.Continue reading “Online learning and capability development”

DFORE expanded services include cybersecurity

DFORE PTY LTD continues to expand its services to include cybersecurity. We are now approved to provide these services on the Digital Marketplace: Agile delivery and governance Strategy and Policy and Cybersecurity DFORE PTY LTD expanded its services offering to include Cybersecurity to provide advice and planning for disaster recovery and business continuity services (includingContinue reading “DFORE expanded services include cybersecurity”

DFORE offers new Agile delivery and governance services

DFORE PTY LTD has been approved to offer Agile delivery and governance services on the Digital Marketplace. DFORE PTY LTD has demonstrated expertise for Agile delivery and governance services that covers all activities relating to the delivery and management of a digital service: Programme manager/director Delivery manager Scrum master Product owner Project manager Business analyst Continue reading “DFORE offers new Agile delivery and governance services”

DFORE approved for Strategy and Policy services

DFORE PTY LTD has been approved to offer Strategy and Policy services on the Digital Marketplace. DFORE PTY LTD has demonstrated expertise for Strategy and Policy services that includes: Develop business cases, strategies and other planning documents; and Document recommendations on investment strategies. Approval for Strategy and Policy services means that DFORE PTY LTD can:Continue reading “DFORE approved for Strategy and Policy services”

DFORE registered on Digital Marketplace

DFORE PTY LTD is now registered as a seller with the Digital Marketplace. DFORE PTY LTD is an Australian-based and owned digital business consulting firm. We can help you achieve outstanding outcomes through advice and services to develop a successful digital business strategy. We provide strategy, design and assurance for data and digital programs forContinue reading “DFORE registered on Digital Marketplace”

Strategic alliance for business and IT consulting services

DFORE has formed a strategic alliance with DBuggIT. DFORE is a new venture established in Canberra in July 2020 to provide advice and services to government for digital transformation. DBuggIT is an established IT company that for over 20 years has helped many businesses implement corporate systems and integrate enterprise platforms as well as cloudContinue reading “Strategic alliance for business and IT consulting services”

New Canberra-based venture for data & digital advice

DFORE is a new venture located in Canberra Australia launched in 2020. Adrian Bugg established DFORE to provide professional consulting services to government and business. DFORE is about data and digital futures. All businesses are digital businesses and data provides insights to drive transformation. DFORE will work with you and other partners to help designContinue reading “New Canberra-based venture for data & digital advice”